KATU Blogger Meetup

August 31, 2007

KATU Blogger MEetupA few of the Goboz founders had a chance to go to the KATU Blogger meetup to the other day with Beta invites and all.We had a great time lots of food and lots of local webbies there to talk to and to tell about Goboz. It was great to see the turnout and I personally learned of a few new websites I will be frequenting often now.Other than that you cant beat free beer,Sushi,and , and and Etc. Best of all was the happy ending 🙂


Outed !!

August 27, 2007

Portlands newest tech blog has written up an article about Goboz. Since the site is not live yet there wasnt much to say . But Rick Turoczy was kind enough to let us know there will be a full write up coming as soon as we open the doors on the site.

“So, we’ve already touched on the “more bars per capita” statistic, we might as well hit the “more restaurants per capita” statistic, too. As we all know, in Portland, finding somewhere to eat can be as problematic as, well, finding a happy hour.

Enter Goboz.

While there’s not much to the Goboz site at this point, a quick glance at the backend shows that they’re targeting CitySearch and Portland retail and professional services.

The code contains a bevy of keywords—including “restaurant” and “automotive”—and a table-based layout. So, other than that, I have nothing.

The site is currently slated to launch September 6, at which point I’ll bring you a full scoop. In the meantime, if someone from Goboz or their communications team wants to drop me a line to provide more details, please feel free.”

Why we do what we do

August 27, 2007

Goboz.com was inspired by the voting concept on web sites like Digg. A small team of developers from various locations around the world began with open source software but quickly built a highly customized, one of a kind site. Goboz uses a voting system to rank businesses and news stories. Users are encouraged to click to vote, and only 1 vote per IP address is allowed. Goboz.com also encourages users to submit businesses or news stories that are not already on the site. These features make Goboz.com a true Hyperlocal website and represents the next generation of user experience, separating itself from industry leaders like CitySearch.com.